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The art of winegrowing

A man’s passion for his land

While winegrowing remains my main passion, I have two other areas of interest: History and flowers.

After completing my studies in oenology, I set out to create and develop my own Champagne label.

I adhere strongly to the so-called "reasoned" approach to winegrowing, i.e. sparing in the use of products and respectful of the environment.

Indeed, I am convinced that the Earth has a memory, and that it is our duty to pass on to future generations a heritage that is in the same condition – if not better – than when we received it.

In that philosophy, I began to implement "grass divides"* and "sexual confusion"** long before those techniques became common.

For me, a good winegrower strikes a balance between modernity and tradition, not bound by the extremes of total reliance on chemistry or on alternative agriculture. He is someone who can make the right decisions at the right time, rather than rigidly following rules without thinking ahead.

* grass divides : grass sown between vine rows to prevent soil erosion and to trap nitrates.

** sexual confusion : disrupting the reproduction of certain butterflies that lay their eggs on grapes, by spraying the vines with synthesised pheromones. This avoids the problems of producing, handling and spreading insecticides.

My second passion : Flowers and especially roses... We have over 200 rose bushes in our garden!

Look at some of our most beautiful ones:

The photos were taken by Christiane, my wife. ( One of her hobbies is photography! )


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