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The Wine

An exceedingly good champagne !

Mine is a traditional, light and fruity Champagne that is also well rounded and structured. It reflects the three types of vine I grow: Pinot Meunier for its freshness, Pinot Noir for its strength, and Chardonay for its subtlety.

Drinking Champagne must be a moment of real pleasure. As a wine producer, my greatest joy is to hear my guests say "With pleasure !" whenever I offer them a glass.

I provide a full range to satisfy all palates and to accompany a meal from the aperitif to the dessert: Brut, Demi-sec or Extra-but, Rosé, Grande Réserve, Prestige or Vintage.

My clientele has grown over the years by word of mouth and remains faithful.

Many of our major clients have become friends. They are all over France: Paris, Lyon, the South, Brittany, and some are also from the United Kingdom, Holland and the USA.


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