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Our vineyard

Nine "bubbling hectares"

My vineyard covers over nine hectares of gentle, south-facing, slopes in my grandmother’s village of Trélou, at the boundary of the Aisne and Marne "Départements".

Trélou (formerly spelt "Tréloup") draws visitors for its listed XIIth and XVth century church, its lake and beach, and has been a winegrowing region from time immemorial. In the past, it produced "River wine", which was transported to Paris by raft going along the Marne, then the Seine.

Aerial view of Trélou
Aerial view of Trélou
Aerial view of Trélou
Aerial view of Trélou

I am fortunate in owning land of varying exposure and soil, with chalk tending to produce a more aromatic wine, and clay favouring wine conservation. The grape varieties forming my vineyard are for 70% Pinot Meunier (black grape), which is dominant in the Marne valley, 20% Pinot Noir (black grape) and 10% Chardonay (white grape).

It is this blend that gives our wine its originality and balance.

Here are some photos of the three different varieties of grapes used to make our champagnes:

the Chardonnay,

the Pinot meunier with its white leaves which seem covered with flour, that’s why it’s called " meunier" , in English "miller",

and the Pinot noir.

And "Pinot" because the grapes are shaped like pine cones!


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