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In July, grapes grow ...

Grape berries take the size of peas...

Then the berries grow, become hard and green, the bunches are full grown but still have to ripen.

The next stage is the " veraison" when the berries change colour...

Work in the vineyard in Summer :

July :

Le rognage (the trimming or clipping ) : they regularly cut the ends of the branches and the sides as they grow so that the grapes will get light and sun .

August :

They continue trimming . The grapes turn red and black (it’s called « la véraison » )

It’s in Spring and Summer that winegrowers work most with the "enjambeur" ( this special tractor used in Champagne that can "bestride" the vine rows )

But it’s also the period when there are risks of hail storms ( orage de grêle ). And the result can be terrible! (as you can see in these pictures taken near Reims in July 2003 )


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