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In Spring, in April, buds appear ( it’s called bud break ).

Then they start to "swell",

you can see the tiny pink leaves,

after that comes the flowering,

followed by the stage of fruit set ( the berries have the size of buckshot pellets).

And also in Spring, sometimes you can be very surprised... when you find morels in the vineyard !!

What do we do in the vineyard in Spring?

March : we finish the "pruning"( la taille, in French ). We tie the branches and bend them.

April : it’s time to get ready for Spring frost ( from 15th April to 15 th May ) by placing anti-frost devices in the vineyard. We used them last about ten years ago...

May: we fix the branches: ( with sorts of hooks: ) to a higher wire and we pull up the wires as the vines grow . We also cut off the extra buds ( bourgeons )

June: As the vines grow , we pull up the wires and place the vine branches inside the wires, it’s called « palisser »


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