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Saint Vincent's Day Celebration

On Saint Vincent’s Day, every year, the world of viticulture in Champagne gathers together under the banner of the “Archiconfrérie Saint Vincent des Vignerons de la Champagne” to parade in each village.

Saint Vincent is the Patron Saint of the “vignerons” (the men and women who work in the vineyards) and 22nd January is Saint Vincent’s Day. Vincent was born in a noble Spanish family in the late 3rd century. He became an archdeacon in Saragossa. In those days, the Christians were persecuted throughout the Roman Empire so Vincent was imprisoned and tortured and he died on the 22nd January 304.

According to some people, the winegrowers choose this name because the word "vin" (wine) is found in the name of the Saint. It is also argued that a wine press was used to torture Vincent… However, the mystery remains unsolved.

In addition, his Saint’s Day (22nd January) corresponds to the beginning of the pruning period when winegrowers usually go back to work in the vineyard.

Everyone is invited to join in the parade with the folklore groups. The participants, mostly dressed in traditional costume, parade through the streets of the village, make their way to the local church where a service is held in honour of the Patron Saint of “vignerons” and to thank God and Nature for the past and future harvests.

As you can see on the pictures, they carry piles of ‘brioches” that will be shared at the end of the service. Afterwards, everybody gets together to drink champagne!


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