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Champagne Sorbet

Unless you would prefer to drink the Champagne, you could make this different sorbet. It can be used as a dessert course or as a palate cleanser between courses.

Ingredients: ( serves 2 )

1 cup caster/superfine sugar juice of one organic lemon or juice of one organic orange 1/2 pint of water 1/2 pint of champagne ( Rosé champagne is best )

Method :

- Heat the water and dissolve the sugar in it.

- Stir in the juice of the orange and the lemon and the champagne.

- Put into a shallow container and place in the freezer.

- When the mixture begins to freeze around the edges, take it out and whip it to break up the ice crystals.

- Repeat this process until you have a smoothly frozen sorbet. ( If you have an ice cream maker, use it, the process is easier.)

- You could serve it in two individual dishes (there is enough for more than one serving each) or put the whole lot in an elegant ice bowl.

To make this ice bowl: take two basins, one slightly smaller than the other, put the smaller bowl into the larger and fill the gap between them with water. Push red and pink rose petals down into the gap and freeze until solid. - Remove basins by holding under running cold water.
- Put ice bowl back into freezer until needed.

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