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The House Mante

Our vineyard

Nine "bubbling hectares"

My vineyard covers over nine hectares of gentle, south-facing, slopes in my grandmother’s village of Trélou, at the boundary of the Aisne and Marne "Départements".

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The Wine

An exceedingly good champagne !

Mine is a traditional, light and fruity Champagne that is also well rounded and structured. It reflects the three types of vine I grow: Pinot Meunier for its freshness, Pinot Noir for its strength, and Chardonay for its subtlety.

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The art of winegrowing

A man’s passion for his land

While winegrowing remains my main passion, I have two other areas of interest: History and flowers.

After completing my studies in oenology, I set out to create and develop my own Champagne label.

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